Monday, 6 October 2014

36 & 37 weeks

36 weeks
This week I had my home pre-birth visit, which went really well, me and Peanut are both doing great and the midwives are happy for me to give birth at home. She left me with my home birth kit that contains everything for the midwives and two bottles of enthonox. Now i'vr got the definate go a head for a home i've ordered my birth pool liner. I've been putting it off as I didn't want to waste my money if they turned around and said I couldn't have a home birth. I've also ordered the crib sheets which were the last things on my list that I still needed to buy, its like a weights been lifted off my shoulders knowing that I've got everything he needs.
The nursery is so close to being finished that I can finally start getting excited about it, its lovely going and sitting in there at night I just cant believe that he's going to be here in the next 6 weeks!

37 Weeks
Yay I'm finally Full term, so feel free to come anytime little man I'm (near enough) ready for you!
The most fruststating thing at the minute is when people say "not long now" I just want to scream " I know" at them, and I'm just stating to get a few "no baby yet" or "any signs yet", I'm sure people must know how annoying and frustrationg it is to hear that especially people who have children themselves but they just cant seem to help themselves.
I've been in alot of pain this week and think I've got sciatica or a trapped nerve because if I get out of bed at night I get a shooting pain from my back down my right leg that makes it buckle underneath me with every step I take, in a way its nice because Mr now has has to do all the night wake ups with the girls but at 37 weeks pregnant I'm needing several toilet trips a night that now are impossible. Even with all the pains and tiredness I still don't want this pregnancy to end, I really do like the feeling of having a baby inside me and them being all mine I don't have to share them or pass them round for cuddles, I feel like I'm the only one that really knows them and the only one with a bond with them.
This week I'm starting to get abit nervous about the birth as I keep having flash backs to E's and remembering the pain I was in. But  there's only one way out so I'm just going to try and put it to the back of my mind and deal with when the time comes. To take my mind off it I've been trying to keep busy and with a little bit of help from my nesting instinct I've made lots of meals to freeze and washed all of the baby clothes and bedding. For the freezer I have made chicken and mushroom pies, shepherds pies, lasagne's and some mushroom soup, its not alot but I'm hoping that it will just save me cooking a few days especially when Mr goes back to work and I'm to tired to do anything.

34 & 35 weeks

34 weeks
I Feel like I've been hit by a bus I'm so tired, by 10am most days I'm dozing off to sleep in the chair while the girls play, I feel terrible but physically can't keep my eyes open, most days I doze on and off for 20 minutes and I have to force myself to get up and do something. The weather has cooled down a bit which has made my life a bit easier and a lot of the the swelling in my feet and ankles has eased up a bit now.
I had my 34 week midwife appointment on Monday, and everything was fine my worries about him been breech were put to ease when she reassured me that he's head down. I'm measuring a 2 weeks behind but they weren't concerned as the girls were both quite small, so I must just be following the same pattern and having another little baby again.
 35 weeks
E has hit the terrible twos early and if she doesn't get her own way the whole town knows about it. Mix that with S' s usual paddys and i'v been tearing my hair out, wondering how im going to cope with 3 children when I can't cope with 2. 
Peanuts nursery still isn't ready, i'm really starting to get stressed about it now. Its just been problem after problem with it, first half the plaster came off the wall when we took the wood-chip off, then for some bizarre reason the paint wouldn't stick to the ceiling, all the wallpaper I want Is out of stock and now we've started wallpapering we've realised that there's not one straight wall in there. So i've no idea what its going to look like when its finished could be a complete mess the way its going. Fingers crossed it works out in the end.

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Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Our new little bundle

Well after keeping us waiting 9 extra days our little baby boy 'H' was born at 3.11pm on Friday 26th September weighing 8lb5oz, which after two 6lb babies seems massive to me. After a very long build up it was a very quick labour with only 5 minutes of pushing which I was very grateful for, but as I was having a home water birth the second midwife didn't make it in time, so was a little bit panicked but all worked out well in the end.  I will write my full birth story up, so please come back to read that and follow our story of 3 children under 4 years old.
E xxx

Sunday, 21 September 2014

25 to 33 weeks

Through one thing and another i'm afraid blogging took a back seat so I thought i'd have a quick catch up and hopefully get back into the swing of things.
25 weeks
E had her 12 month jabs this week, but they didn't have one of the vaccines in as the fridge they were kept in had broken, so we have to next week for one more. It upsets me so much to see her in pain and crying but I'd rather see her upset for a couple of minutes than have a serious illness that could last for weeks. 
26 weeks
Been feeling rundown again this week. I keep getting like this, my body feels alot weaker this pregnancy. The toll of two toddlers is getting to me now and everyday I seem to be waking up tired.
27 weeks
With the nice sunny mornings it seems to be waking the girls earlier and earlier, which when your not a morning person isn't a nice experience. They have a blackout blind and curtains but the light still seems to creep in their room And wake them by 6am.
28 weeks
I had the midwife this week which went really well i'm measuring a week bigger than I am, other than that everything was spot on. I'm being a case study for a student midwife which I'm pretty happy about as she'll be at all my appointments and will be the one who delivers him, under the watchful eye of a fully trained midwife.  Its put my mind at ease a bit as not knowing which midwife i'd get bothered me, I was lucky with E that I knew the midwife who delivered her but it was pure luck there's quite a few I don't know, so its nice to know that I'll be seeing a friendly face.
29 weeks
This week Mr was a Godfather to one of his best friends little boys, it was lovely christening but unfortunately we had to whiz of straight after the church to get the train to go holiday. The girls had gone the day before with my parents, so I was looking forward to a nice relaxing train journey, but it was so busy and I was disgusted how many people sat there and watched a 7 month pregnant lady stand for an hour on a scorching hot day that by the time we got there I was so tired and stressed that I never wanted to go on a train again.
30 weeks
Our holiday was amazing, we had such a nice time with my family, we stayed in a beautiful holiday house in Llandudno. It had everything we needed for 7 adults and 3 under 4s. Iv always loved North Wales, as it reminds me of family holidays as a child so having the chance to take my own was amazing. Taking them to all the places I remember and seeing how much they love them too has made me the happiest mummy ever. And great fun for me reliving my childhood.
31 weeks
The weather has been ridiculous this week far to hot for me even if I wasn't pregnant, we've constantly got the fan going and Windows open. And I try to avoid going outside if I can, I don't mind if i'm doing something or going somewhere but I can't stand sitting in the sun. Most people think i'm mad but i'm just a winter person.
I ordered my birth-pool this week and when it came we had a trial run with it, which was great fun the girls absolutely loved it, S thought it was a swimming pool and keeps asking to go back in it.
32 weeks
S has gone into the big room at nursery through the summer holidays to get her ready for her funded place in September, shes so excited about and tells everyone we meet about, I can't believe she's in the pre-school room shes growing up far to fast. I'm slightly nervous about September now, how on earth am I going to get 3 children and myself up and ready to leave for nursery at 8.30am 3days a week. Hopefully it will just become habit after a couple of weeks.
Tiredness has come back again, I seem to be alright for a while then it suddenly hits me like a brick wall and I feel horrendous and don't want to move off the sofa for a few days, hope its not here to stay now.
33 weeks
The pain in my ribs has started in exactly the same place I had it with E, its already getting unbearable, with a physical bruise appearing, it feels like i'm having my ribs slowly broken. I've blown my birthing ball up this week in the hope that it will help relieve some of the pain and also because i'm getting worried that he's breech so hoping that if he is then bouncing on the birthing ball and leaning over it might help him turn.

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40 weeks

40 and 41 Weeks 
Well surprise surprise I made it to my due date, I swing between being really impatient and thinking that he can wait a bit longer because I've still got loads of jobs to do. It was my birthday at 5 days overdue, in my head I thought he would arrive either on or before my birthday. After that I was so disappointed and feeling down and hormonal that I would just burst out crying every time someone even mentioned it or even if i saw adverts on telly about babies. I had a sweep at 6 days over that set tightenings off the next morning, they carried on for 48 hours before actual contractions started, 6 hours of real contractions later H quickly made his appearance and I fell in love for the 4th time.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

38 & 39weeks

38 weeks
Having a tough week again this week, I have a terrible trapped nerve in my back I think it might be sciatica as when iv been lay down for a while it sends shooting pains down my right leg that buckle it, its worst in the middle of the night (which is a great excuse for Mr to get up with the girls) and bizarrely is gone by the morning. Having disturbed nights is wearing me out again though and most days im falling asleep by 10am. Just hope he's not too late so all these symtoms will go.

39 weeks
I got very excited as my bump dropped bang on 39 weeks on Wednesday, so I got my hopes up thinking that he was only a matter of days away but he still hasn't made his appearance,  which is probably a good thing as two days before my due date I've started doubting our name choice, I think we'll still go back to the original one but I'm not 100% thay it goes with our surname. Its such a hard choice and something that you've got to live with the rest of yours and their life that it shouldn't be a rushed decision,  its really upsetting me and making me angry that we can't agree on a name that we both like. And with the birth being so imminent its so important that we get it right.
The other thing thats annoying me is all the people asking if I'v had any signs yet. With E it made me laugh when people asked me because it seemed to be bugging everyone else more than me. But this time with it being a much more tiring pregnancy with more ailments, I find myself getting really cross when people ask, I'm just glad that most have being by text so I've just ignored them.
Our first week of S being in nursery 3 days a week has started and being quite a challenge to be out the house on time I can't imagine what its going to be like with a newborn baby aswell!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

23 & 24 weeks

23 weeks 
Been a bit of a mixed week this week some glorious hot days and some cold wet ones. We had a lovely picnic in the park with my mum, it was the type that you dream about all winter, it really was perfect. S has decided that she loves playing football and spends all day everyday pestering to go to the park to play, luckily there's a football pitch a couple of minuets walk from our house so if its not raining we go, but i'v discovered that at 6 months pregnant playing football isn't a great idea and i'v managed to pull loads of muscles doing it. 
I'v found my new favorite hobby, crochet. I love sewing but now my sewing machines not permanently set up, as my sewing room is in the process of been turned into a nursery, it seems such an effort to set it up and pack it away so the girls don't mess with it the next morning. I'm a very slow knitter so get bored before i'v finished anything, that's why crochet appealed to me so much, the only equipment you need is a hook and it builds up really quickly. In a matter of two hours i'd already made a square and i'm hoping to build it up to a blanket before Peanut arrives. 
I'v never experienced heartburn in pregnancy before, but this week its been in full force and has got quite unbearable. If the old wives tales are righ and heart burn means your having a hairy baby then i'm having a gorilla!! Both the girls especially E had head fulls of hair, but I never had heartburn once with either of them. It's making me so impatient to meet him now i'm so curious to what he looks like. Will he look like his sisters? Have hair or be bald? Have fair hair like S or dark hair like E?  

24 weeks
What a busy week! E is now properly walking so we've been to get her her first pair of shoes, I always get 'proper' shoes from Clarks as I feel they do the best job of measuring and making sure that they have the right shoes for they're feet, I tend to buy trainers, wellies and sandles from elsewhere but I like the girls to have a good pair of shoes especially while they're young. Clarks have such nice designs as well there's something for every taste. They last so well that even though they are a bit more expensive they last a lot longer than cheaper high street stores.
I'v become a godmother for the first time to my nephew which was lovely, it was a gorgeous day and the girls looked adorable in their matching dresses and were so well behaved I couldn't believe that they were my children. The only bad point of the day was when my next door neighbor rang to tell me that our fire alarm was going off, Mr raced home to find that luckily it was a false alarm. It scared me so much at how easily our home could of been ruined and precious memories lost.
My happiest (and scariest) news of the week is that E turned 1 on Monday. The past year has really flown by, I really can't believe that my littlest girl is one. We had a lovely day and were even treated to a lie in until 7. We spent the morning at the soft play centre, frantically making her cake in the afternoon while she napped, then went to my parents for a buffet. So although a little manic we had a great day. 
24 weeks is a milestone I love passing as it means that should the worst happen and Peanut either decides or has to come early, the medical teams will try their best to resuscitate and save him. Its not a nice thing to think about but nice to know that he at least stands a chance. 
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Elly x

Thursday, 22 May 2014

21 & 22 weeks

21 weeks
This week was my local NCT (National Childbirth Trust)  nearly new sale, I sold a lot of my girly stuff, had a good clear out but at the sale itself I managed to spend twice as much as I made. if you have one near you they are fab, the bargains you can pick up are amazing, just make sure you get there in plenty of time because they are really busy. I became an NCT member as it means that you can get in early and get the best bargains. To find out more go to 
I made my first blue purchase this week, some cute little hats from Next, I don't want to go mad and buy loads, I just wanted something to make it real. It doesn't seem to have sunk in that I'm having a baby boy and somehow doesn't feel right knowing, hopefully it will sink in soon.
The nursery is very slowly coming along i'v started to fill the holes in the walls and done a bit of sanding on the skirting boards and door frame, I'm glad I started it in plenty of time because its taking forever to find the time to do it.

22 weeks 
This summer is going to be hell for me, I don't like the heat very much anyway but being 6 months pregnant through it is awful and so far we've only had a week of it, hopefully its going to be a typical British summer and rain for the next 3 months. Although the nice weather has meant that Mr has got in with a lot if outside jobs finally.  I can feel Peanut's bum now when his back is facing outwards, poor little man bet he's sick of me poking him already.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

19 & 20 Weeks

19 weeks

Other than my scan at the end of the week not alot has really happened, I looked after my 4 month old nephew for the first time which was great fun. It was on S's nursery day so I had a go at the nursery run with 3 children and got to use my icandy pear in its double mode for the first time which I loved. I also made a start on the babies nursery and have striped all the wood chip of the walls, just got to buy the wallpaper now, we've decided that although we know the baby's sex we're still going keep it very neutral, just incase they got it wrong because I doubt I'll feel like decorating when iv just had a baby.

20 weeks 
Another boring week really, Mr had 2 days off in a row so managed to get a little bit more done in the garden it might be half done by the end of the summer if we're lucky. Im sure my bump has gotten smaller since 18 weeks im not sure if its just the early bloating has gone now or if the rest of me is just getting bigger making my bump look smaller. Kicks are definitely getting stronger and more of a routine now, which is comforting for me as I feel like I can keep an eye them.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Saturday, 26 April 2014

17 & 18 Weeks

17 weeks 
This week i've been feeling kicks most nights when i'm lay in bed, it really is one on the nicest feelings in the world. I saw someone complain about their baby kicking them at night on Facebook the other day, it made me so angry, your babies kicks are one of the best ways to check that your baby is okay. Whatever time of the day or night it is even at 30 weeks plus when they start getting behind your ribs, its letting you know that they're alright in there, every baby has their own routine and as long as you recognise it and report any changes to your midwife or health professional that really can save your babies life.
I'v been full of cold this week and have been feeling dreadful, its a week that I could of done with spending at home in front of Disney movies but with it been S's birthday next week, I seem to have spent all week cleaning and baking. I really over did this week and haven't helped myself all i'v managed to do is make myself feel even worse and get myself down, so now I think its going to take twice as long to get better. With me getting pregnant at the end of winter I'v not been offered a flu vaccine like I was with the girls, I think I still could of done with having it.

18 weeks
Well S's Birthday went great on Thursday, we had a lovely day and she got spoiled which is the best bit. Friday was Good Friday so had a lovely day planned with my Mum and Dad in the sunshine. Mr's parents haven't looked after the girls before and have been asking if they can for a few months, so when I needed to pop out for an hour on Friday morning it seemed like a great opportunity for a tester as Mr would still be there to keep an eye on things if needed. With it been a nice day they decided to go to our local playground but while there S tripped and fell funny, when I met up with them all I could tell straight away that something wasn't right she never crys that much over a fall. So off we went to A&E where she had a X-Ray on her collar bone as they thought she and either broken or dislocated it. Luckily the X-Ray came back clear and she just had severe soft tissue damage, which will heal its self. Its still been hard though as shes been in so much pain for the first few days and it's hurt when i'v picked her up. It's been horrible seeing her in pain, 3 years and 1 day I had managed to protect her. Its making it very hard for me to trust anyone but myself to look after her. The stress of this pushed me over the edge at weekend and I hit rock bottom, I could of easily stayed in bed all day on Easter Sunday I was so run down, I had an eye infection, got a coldsore and four ulcers appeared in my mouth, on top of that I still have this horrendous cold that I can't seem to get over, im just hoping that I can start to pull through next week. Next tuesday at 19+6 weeks I have my 20week scan. We have decided that if possible we are are going to find out the sex of Peanut. So whatch out for my next blog post where hopefully I will be revieling if we're having a boy or girl. 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

15 & 16 Weeks

15 weeks
It was mothers day on Sunday, this is my 3rd one well 4th if you count the year I was pregnant with S, I had a lovely day been spoiled rotten by Mr and the girls. We had a nice walk to the playground in the sunshine, the girls had great fun playing and having an ice cream. The girls have been keeping me on my toes again with E getting more confident standing on her own, I think it may only be a matter of weeks now until she takes her first steps.
Been feeling really good this week, had loads of energy, the house looks pretty tidy and clean and the girls have been well behaved, I couldn't ask for a better life at the moment. 

We had decided that we weren't going to find out the sex of Peanut at our 20 week scan but this week we have been discussing it a bit more and now that we have picked out a few names that we like i'm desperate to find out who's in my tummy. We stayed team yellow with both of the girls, i've always believed that its nicer not too know and have a surprise, so its going to be good that i'll be able to see both perspectives. We are contemplating finding out but keeping it a secret from everyone else, but I don't think Mr would be able to keep his mouth shut! We'll just have to see, We've got a month to make our minds up!

16 Weeks
At 16+1 we had a bit of a panic when I had a a very small bleed, we weren't to worried as it was brown dried blood, but its still not nice for anyone to go through, after it taking 15 minuets to get through to the hospital they told me to ring my GP and get them to check me out. Which I was glad of as the hospital is 45 minuets away on the train plus the half an hour it would take to walk to the station and take both girls with me as Mr was at work. I could of asked someone for a lift but I knew nothing was seriously up, so when they said I could see my GP just to check all was ok I was really relieved. My doctors were able to fit me in that afternoon and the surgery is just down the hill from my mums work so I was able to leave them with her for half an hour while I went. My doctor was great and did all the usual checks Blood pressure, temperature, urine sample and everything came back clear, she thinks a bit of my mucus plug (such a nice word, NOT) came away and said as long as it doesn't keep happening there's nothing to worry about and its completely normal for it to happen. The only thing she didn't do which id hoped for was listen to Peanut's heart beat, but I was seeing the midwife on the Monday at 16+5 for my 16 week check up any way so only had to wait a few days for the reassurance.
My 16 week midwife appointment went great, I ended up taking both girls with me which I was a bit worried about, but they did me proud and sat quietly looking at the books in the toy basket. I only seemed to be in there 5 minuets but everything was fine, she did blood pressure, urine sample and listened to Peanut's heartbeat, which she found straight away and sounded like a train unlike the girls who's both sounded like a galloping horse, so its got me thinking more that I may be having a boy this time, i'm probably wrong but just love all the old wives tales and seeing which are right for me. 
I feel like i'v spent most of the week in the doctors waiting room, on Tuesday I had to take E because she had a rash and had been ill a few days before, I wasn't to worried about her as she didn't seem to ill but wanted to get her checked out in case it was something that could pass to the baby that could cause problems or complications. The doctors wasn't able to tell me exactly what virus it was because there's so many that have such similar symptoms, so she said Peanut should be fine and I should just go back if I get it, to get checked out. So fingers crossed I won't.

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Saturday, 29 March 2014

13 & 14 weeks

13 Weeks
I'm finally in the second trimester now so waiting for my energy to come back, hopefully it won't be long now. On the 14th march at 13+2 weeks I felt the first flutters of kicks, i'm not feeling it everyday yet just every few days when i'm in bed, it's such a nice and comforting feeling knowing that my little peanut is wriggling around in there.  
E started walking with her push along walker so I think it'll only be a couple on months now before she's off by herself, she's growing up so quick it really is scaring me.

14 weeks 
I seem to be getting huge, I definitely look pregnant now even to people who don't know me. The weathers gone bad again so my bumps been covered up by coat, I cant wait to start showing it off now in the summer.
I had a lovely morning with S this week on Mr's day, he stayed at home with E while me and S went swimming with friends we had a really nice time, its been such a long time since its been just the two of us, I'd forgotten how easy just one child is, although I did miss E a lot. 
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Thursday, 20 March 2014

12 weeks

Week 4
I'm still coming round to the idea that i'm going to have 3 children under 4. Feeling bloated, very tired and just generally run down this week. No sickness yet so fingers crossed I might escape it this time although I doubt it. We've decided to keep it a secret from every one until i've had my booking appointment with the midwife which hopefully will be at around 9 weeks, then we'll just tell parents and brothers and sisters, everyone else will be told after the 12 week scan. 

Week 5
I'm so worn out this week have no energy for anything and having terrible mood swings. Finding it very hard to keep it secret now, nearly slipped up half a dozen times, especially with my mum. Still no morning sickness which really worries me, as I had it exactly the same with the other two, maybe I'm just lucky this time or i'v just jinxed myself and its going to start tonight!

Week 6
Feeling a bit more energetic this week, even managed to get back on top the washing that has been neglected for the past few weeks. Still no sickness although I feel very nauseous, there's still time for it to start yet but I'm finding it very odd not having it. To me morning (or evening as it's been for me) sickness is like my daily reminder that I'm pregnant so this time I keep forgetting that I am pregnant. The midwife rang at the end of the week to book my booking appointment which is next week so we're undecided whether or not to tell our parents this week or if we should still wait until around the 9 week mark. We've still not told the girls yet as we think S wouldn't understand about keeping secrets and as shes such a chatterbox now we think she'd tell people, we'll probably tell her on the day of the scan and E is obviously to young to understand anyway.  

Week 7 
I feel nauseous all the time now its worse than with the girls as I felt fine all day with them and I was just sick at night, hoping it will only last a few weeks, I'm wondering if this means I'm having a boy with it been so different. We'll just have to wait and see I guess. I had my booking appointment this week which went really well, its the same midwife who was my named midwife with S and she delivered E. Its really nice to have someone who knows my history, it meant my appointment was really quick as she just had check that nothing had changed, seems ages away until my next appointment with her at 16 weeks. I'm now just waiting to get my scan date through the post, which if i've worked it out right should be the 1st week of March. I told my family this week, which was a bit of a shock for them but I think they're happy for us. I'm sure it will take a bit of getting use to just like it has for us.

Week 8
I'm still feeling awful this week, so tired and the nausea just keeps getting worse, I constantly feel hungry but as soon as I have a mouth full I feel sick again. I've found that eating mints seem to temporarily ease the nausea. I got my scan date through for the 4th March so that's only a month away now, will be here before I know it. On Thursday night I was sick for the first time and I felt a hundred times better after that. 
E has started crawling properly on her hands and knees this week instead of the army crawling she's been doing for the past month or so. She's into everything and there's no stopping her now, it doesn't seem to matter how many times you pick her up and carry her away from whatever it is shes after, she persistently goes back to it, so there's no more resting on the sofa for me. I've had to order some new maternity jeans this week, even my biggest post pregnancy ones are getting a bit snug.

Week 9
Well this week has seemed like a lot of hard work, the start of week saw all our plans with friends falling through due to illness and snow, so been stuck indoors always stresses me out and the girls soon get fed up, so on Mr's day off we took them to the soft play center which was lovely and Mr loves playing with them and acting like a kid again. 
I'm feeling better in the day now, but as soon as I've eaten my evening meal the nausea kicks in and once or twice a week I'm actually sick when I go up to bed which is more like I was with S and E. I'm looking forward to being in double figures next week and it only been 2 weeks until my scan. It seems to have gone really slowly this time but at the same time i'm quite happy plodding along I love been pregnant and as much as I want to know that peanut is doing okay its nice enjoying every minuet of it.

Week 10

We're in double figures! Feeling a bit better this week have a bit more energy and getting on top of a few jobs around the house. Mr seems to be really long hours at work recently, and some days the walls seem to close in on me, the girls get bored and we all get stressed. If its not raining I wrap them up and we go to the playground that's 5 minuets away to to get us out the house and give us all some fresh air. It usually works and when we come home we're all feeling better.
My sister has given me my doppler back this week so been using that, but not had much luck and only found my own heartbeat i'm not letting it bother me though because: 1. its still very early to hear it; 2. I'm not a trained midwife so don't really know exactly where baby is. I've joined a few forums for due in September and quite a few people have said that they've been using their doppler and couldn't find baby's heartbeat and were going to ring their midwives. There really is no point in getting worried about, unless you've been trained with one then its all just guess work to where baby is even if you look it up in books or online your still no expert, if you're getting worried about them you're probably better off not having one. I found mine great for bonding with E later on in pregnancy and S use to think it was a phone so would talk to my bump, hoping she does it again because it was the sweetest thing I'v ever seen.

Week 11
Feeling very deceitful not telling people especially when they ask if i'm planning on having any more soon, but I don't want to jinx it and living in such a small town news gets around quick. Still got nausea and sickness every couple of nights, getting a bit easier to deal with now hopefully only a couple of weeks left of it. 
We've decided to take E to the scan with us and S will stay with my sister because it would be very boring for her and Mr wouldn't get to see much of the scan if he was chasing around after both of them. I'v tried to put the scan out of my head and not let myself get excited about it until now, its only a couple of days away and i can't wait for it. It still doesn't seem real so i'm hoping the scan makes it more so. 

Week 12
I had my scan on Tuesday March 4th which put me back a few days so I was actually 11+6 when I had my scan. I'm now due 17th September so 'peanut' should arrive by the end of the month. Its so exciting, just hoping I don't have a bleed next week like I did with E. My Mum rang around my aunties and uncles and when I knew she'd told them I sent a text out to everyone else.
The sun finally decided to come out at weekend which has been lovely, our garden is south facing and is an absolute sun trap, we've been spending as much time as possible outside making the most of it. Unfortunately the garden is the part of the house that really lets it down as its not toddler friendly at all, on Mr's day off we started working on it but its such a big job its going to take us all summer to even get it half decent. I took it upon myself to cut down a bush, which I regretted the next day and made me realise that i'm not wonder woman I do need to slow down and rest a bit or I can't be a good Mum to E & S. 

That was the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy with peanut, I hope you come back to see how we get on.


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Big news!!!

Today is the 16th of January and this week I had been planning on doing a blog on how my diet was going and if I was managing to lose my baby after 7 months. Well on Saturday my calorie controlled diet had to come to an abrupt stop, I found out I was expecting baby number 3!
I had suspected that I might be pregnant from about the Wednesday but had carried on as normal. On the Friday afternoon I did a test and had a very very faint positive but wanted to be sure so kept testing for a few days until the line was clear enough that I could be sure.
I'm a little bit shocked and nervous but very very excited.
S will be 3.5 and E will be 15 months when this baby is due mid September so i'm really going to have my hands full, but it will be lovely for them as they grow up so close.
By the time I post this I should of just had my 12 week scan and hopefully all will have gone well.
E x