Saturday, 26 April 2014

17 & 18 Weeks

17 weeks 
This week i've been feeling kicks most nights when i'm lay in bed, it really is one on the nicest feelings in the world. I saw someone complain about their baby kicking them at night on Facebook the other day, it made me so angry, your babies kicks are one of the best ways to check that your baby is okay. Whatever time of the day or night it is even at 30 weeks plus when they start getting behind your ribs, its letting you know that they're alright in there, every baby has their own routine and as long as you recognise it and report any changes to your midwife or health professional that really can save your babies life.
I'v been full of cold this week and have been feeling dreadful, its a week that I could of done with spending at home in front of Disney movies but with it been S's birthday next week, I seem to have spent all week cleaning and baking. I really over did this week and haven't helped myself all i'v managed to do is make myself feel even worse and get myself down, so now I think its going to take twice as long to get better. With me getting pregnant at the end of winter I'v not been offered a flu vaccine like I was with the girls, I think I still could of done with having it.

18 weeks
Well S's Birthday went great on Thursday, we had a lovely day and she got spoiled which is the best bit. Friday was Good Friday so had a lovely day planned with my Mum and Dad in the sunshine. Mr's parents haven't looked after the girls before and have been asking if they can for a few months, so when I needed to pop out for an hour on Friday morning it seemed like a great opportunity for a tester as Mr would still be there to keep an eye on things if needed. With it been a nice day they decided to go to our local playground but while there S tripped and fell funny, when I met up with them all I could tell straight away that something wasn't right she never crys that much over a fall. So off we went to A&E where she had a X-Ray on her collar bone as they thought she and either broken or dislocated it. Luckily the X-Ray came back clear and she just had severe soft tissue damage, which will heal its self. Its still been hard though as shes been in so much pain for the first few days and it's hurt when i'v picked her up. It's been horrible seeing her in pain, 3 years and 1 day I had managed to protect her. Its making it very hard for me to trust anyone but myself to look after her. The stress of this pushed me over the edge at weekend and I hit rock bottom, I could of easily stayed in bed all day on Easter Sunday I was so run down, I had an eye infection, got a coldsore and four ulcers appeared in my mouth, on top of that I still have this horrendous cold that I can't seem to get over, im just hoping that I can start to pull through next week. Next tuesday at 19+6 weeks I have my 20week scan. We have decided that if possible we are are going to find out the sex of Peanut. So whatch out for my next blog post where hopefully I will be revieling if we're having a boy or girl. 

Thursday, 10 April 2014

15 & 16 Weeks

15 weeks
It was mothers day on Sunday, this is my 3rd one well 4th if you count the year I was pregnant with S, I had a lovely day been spoiled rotten by Mr and the girls. We had a nice walk to the playground in the sunshine, the girls had great fun playing and having an ice cream. The girls have been keeping me on my toes again with E getting more confident standing on her own, I think it may only be a matter of weeks now until she takes her first steps.
Been feeling really good this week, had loads of energy, the house looks pretty tidy and clean and the girls have been well behaved, I couldn't ask for a better life at the moment. 

We had decided that we weren't going to find out the sex of Peanut at our 20 week scan but this week we have been discussing it a bit more and now that we have picked out a few names that we like i'm desperate to find out who's in my tummy. We stayed team yellow with both of the girls, i've always believed that its nicer not too know and have a surprise, so its going to be good that i'll be able to see both perspectives. We are contemplating finding out but keeping it a secret from everyone else, but I don't think Mr would be able to keep his mouth shut! We'll just have to see, We've got a month to make our minds up!

16 Weeks
At 16+1 we had a bit of a panic when I had a a very small bleed, we weren't to worried as it was brown dried blood, but its still not nice for anyone to go through, after it taking 15 minuets to get through to the hospital they told me to ring my GP and get them to check me out. Which I was glad of as the hospital is 45 minuets away on the train plus the half an hour it would take to walk to the station and take both girls with me as Mr was at work. I could of asked someone for a lift but I knew nothing was seriously up, so when they said I could see my GP just to check all was ok I was really relieved. My doctors were able to fit me in that afternoon and the surgery is just down the hill from my mums work so I was able to leave them with her for half an hour while I went. My doctor was great and did all the usual checks Blood pressure, temperature, urine sample and everything came back clear, she thinks a bit of my mucus plug (such a nice word, NOT) came away and said as long as it doesn't keep happening there's nothing to worry about and its completely normal for it to happen. The only thing she didn't do which id hoped for was listen to Peanut's heart beat, but I was seeing the midwife on the Monday at 16+5 for my 16 week check up any way so only had to wait a few days for the reassurance.
My 16 week midwife appointment went great, I ended up taking both girls with me which I was a bit worried about, but they did me proud and sat quietly looking at the books in the toy basket. I only seemed to be in there 5 minuets but everything was fine, she did blood pressure, urine sample and listened to Peanut's heartbeat, which she found straight away and sounded like a train unlike the girls who's both sounded like a galloping horse, so its got me thinking more that I may be having a boy this time, i'm probably wrong but just love all the old wives tales and seeing which are right for me. 
I feel like i'v spent most of the week in the doctors waiting room, on Tuesday I had to take E because she had a rash and had been ill a few days before, I wasn't to worried about her as she didn't seem to ill but wanted to get her checked out in case it was something that could pass to the baby that could cause problems or complications. The doctors wasn't able to tell me exactly what virus it was because there's so many that have such similar symptoms, so she said Peanut should be fine and I should just go back if I get it, to get checked out. So fingers crossed I won't.

Thanks for reading 
Ellie x