Saturday, 29 March 2014

13 & 14 weeks

13 Weeks
I'm finally in the second trimester now so waiting for my energy to come back, hopefully it won't be long now. On the 14th march at 13+2 weeks I felt the first flutters of kicks, i'm not feeling it everyday yet just every few days when i'm in bed, it's such a nice and comforting feeling knowing that my little peanut is wriggling around in there.  
E started walking with her push along walker so I think it'll only be a couple on months now before she's off by herself, she's growing up so quick it really is scaring me.

14 weeks 
I seem to be getting huge, I definitely look pregnant now even to people who don't know me. The weathers gone bad again so my bumps been covered up by coat, I cant wait to start showing it off now in the summer.
I had a lovely morning with S this week on Mr's day, he stayed at home with E while me and S went swimming with friends we had a really nice time, its been such a long time since its been just the two of us, I'd forgotten how easy just one child is, although I did miss E a lot. 
Thanks for reading Elly x

Thursday, 20 March 2014

12 weeks

Week 4
I'm still coming round to the idea that i'm going to have 3 children under 4. Feeling bloated, very tired and just generally run down this week. No sickness yet so fingers crossed I might escape it this time although I doubt it. We've decided to keep it a secret from every one until i've had my booking appointment with the midwife which hopefully will be at around 9 weeks, then we'll just tell parents and brothers and sisters, everyone else will be told after the 12 week scan. 

Week 5
I'm so worn out this week have no energy for anything and having terrible mood swings. Finding it very hard to keep it secret now, nearly slipped up half a dozen times, especially with my mum. Still no morning sickness which really worries me, as I had it exactly the same with the other two, maybe I'm just lucky this time or i'v just jinxed myself and its going to start tonight!

Week 6
Feeling a bit more energetic this week, even managed to get back on top the washing that has been neglected for the past few weeks. Still no sickness although I feel very nauseous, there's still time for it to start yet but I'm finding it very odd not having it. To me morning (or evening as it's been for me) sickness is like my daily reminder that I'm pregnant so this time I keep forgetting that I am pregnant. The midwife rang at the end of the week to book my booking appointment which is next week so we're undecided whether or not to tell our parents this week or if we should still wait until around the 9 week mark. We've still not told the girls yet as we think S wouldn't understand about keeping secrets and as shes such a chatterbox now we think she'd tell people, we'll probably tell her on the day of the scan and E is obviously to young to understand anyway.  

Week 7 
I feel nauseous all the time now its worse than with the girls as I felt fine all day with them and I was just sick at night, hoping it will only last a few weeks, I'm wondering if this means I'm having a boy with it been so different. We'll just have to wait and see I guess. I had my booking appointment this week which went really well, its the same midwife who was my named midwife with S and she delivered E. Its really nice to have someone who knows my history, it meant my appointment was really quick as she just had check that nothing had changed, seems ages away until my next appointment with her at 16 weeks. I'm now just waiting to get my scan date through the post, which if i've worked it out right should be the 1st week of March. I told my family this week, which was a bit of a shock for them but I think they're happy for us. I'm sure it will take a bit of getting use to just like it has for us.

Week 8
I'm still feeling awful this week, so tired and the nausea just keeps getting worse, I constantly feel hungry but as soon as I have a mouth full I feel sick again. I've found that eating mints seem to temporarily ease the nausea. I got my scan date through for the 4th March so that's only a month away now, will be here before I know it. On Thursday night I was sick for the first time and I felt a hundred times better after that. 
E has started crawling properly on her hands and knees this week instead of the army crawling she's been doing for the past month or so. She's into everything and there's no stopping her now, it doesn't seem to matter how many times you pick her up and carry her away from whatever it is shes after, she persistently goes back to it, so there's no more resting on the sofa for me. I've had to order some new maternity jeans this week, even my biggest post pregnancy ones are getting a bit snug.

Week 9
Well this week has seemed like a lot of hard work, the start of week saw all our plans with friends falling through due to illness and snow, so been stuck indoors always stresses me out and the girls soon get fed up, so on Mr's day off we took them to the soft play center which was lovely and Mr loves playing with them and acting like a kid again. 
I'm feeling better in the day now, but as soon as I've eaten my evening meal the nausea kicks in and once or twice a week I'm actually sick when I go up to bed which is more like I was with S and E. I'm looking forward to being in double figures next week and it only been 2 weeks until my scan. It seems to have gone really slowly this time but at the same time i'm quite happy plodding along I love been pregnant and as much as I want to know that peanut is doing okay its nice enjoying every minuet of it.

Week 10

We're in double figures! Feeling a bit better this week have a bit more energy and getting on top of a few jobs around the house. Mr seems to be really long hours at work recently, and some days the walls seem to close in on me, the girls get bored and we all get stressed. If its not raining I wrap them up and we go to the playground that's 5 minuets away to to get us out the house and give us all some fresh air. It usually works and when we come home we're all feeling better.
My sister has given me my doppler back this week so been using that, but not had much luck and only found my own heartbeat i'm not letting it bother me though because: 1. its still very early to hear it; 2. I'm not a trained midwife so don't really know exactly where baby is. I've joined a few forums for due in September and quite a few people have said that they've been using their doppler and couldn't find baby's heartbeat and were going to ring their midwives. There really is no point in getting worried about, unless you've been trained with one then its all just guess work to where baby is even if you look it up in books or online your still no expert, if you're getting worried about them you're probably better off not having one. I found mine great for bonding with E later on in pregnancy and S use to think it was a phone so would talk to my bump, hoping she does it again because it was the sweetest thing I'v ever seen.

Week 11
Feeling very deceitful not telling people especially when they ask if i'm planning on having any more soon, but I don't want to jinx it and living in such a small town news gets around quick. Still got nausea and sickness every couple of nights, getting a bit easier to deal with now hopefully only a couple of weeks left of it. 
We've decided to take E to the scan with us and S will stay with my sister because it would be very boring for her and Mr wouldn't get to see much of the scan if he was chasing around after both of them. I'v tried to put the scan out of my head and not let myself get excited about it until now, its only a couple of days away and i can't wait for it. It still doesn't seem real so i'm hoping the scan makes it more so. 

Week 12
I had my scan on Tuesday March 4th which put me back a few days so I was actually 11+6 when I had my scan. I'm now due 17th September so 'peanut' should arrive by the end of the month. Its so exciting, just hoping I don't have a bleed next week like I did with E. My Mum rang around my aunties and uncles and when I knew she'd told them I sent a text out to everyone else.
The sun finally decided to come out at weekend which has been lovely, our garden is south facing and is an absolute sun trap, we've been spending as much time as possible outside making the most of it. Unfortunately the garden is the part of the house that really lets it down as its not toddler friendly at all, on Mr's day off we started working on it but its such a big job its going to take us all summer to even get it half decent. I took it upon myself to cut down a bush, which I regretted the next day and made me realise that i'm not wonder woman I do need to slow down and rest a bit or I can't be a good Mum to E & S. 

That was the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy with peanut, I hope you come back to see how we get on.


Thursday, 6 March 2014

Big news!!!

Today is the 16th of January and this week I had been planning on doing a blog on how my diet was going and if I was managing to lose my baby after 7 months. Well on Saturday my calorie controlled diet had to come to an abrupt stop, I found out I was expecting baby number 3!
I had suspected that I might be pregnant from about the Wednesday but had carried on as normal. On the Friday afternoon I did a test and had a very very faint positive but wanted to be sure so kept testing for a few days until the line was clear enough that I could be sure.
I'm a little bit shocked and nervous but very very excited.
S will be 3.5 and E will be 15 months when this baby is due mid September so i'm really going to have my hands full, but it will be lovely for them as they grow up so close.
By the time I post this I should of just had my 12 week scan and hopefully all will have gone well.
E x