Friday, 27 March 2015

Month 4 as a mummy to 3

January 2015

This month has been mainly spent indoors, started by a week of quarantine while S had chicken pox. I was really impressed with her, she never moaned or complained, she just spent the days doing jigsaws, practicing writing and watching her favorite TV programmes. She had to miss the first week back at nursery which we were both upset about, the last few days of the Christmas holidays she was becoming quite hard work, I think she missed the stimulation. The spots soon scabbed and she was back the next week. I thought E and H had got away with it but 12 days after S's had scabbed they both came out in spots. It was definitely harder as E & H couldn't tell me what was up and the fact that two of them had it at the same time didn't help and we had a couple nights with only a few hours sleep. But I'm glad they've all got it out of the way now while they're still young.

H has had a nasty cough for over 5 weeks so we decided that it wasn't just a cold that his sisters had given him and we'd better get it checked out. I'm still not 100% sure on what any of it means and whether he has got asthma or if he might have it in the future but the doctor gave him an inhaler to take 4 times a day for a couple of days then just as and when I feel he needs it. The problem is I've never dealt with asthma, so I have absolutely no idea what I'm looking for. Luckily Mr had it as a child so has a rough idea, but the Doctors appointment was so rushed as he was already running 20 minuets late and you could just tell that he didn't have time for me, so we left more confused than we started and have decided to keep giving him the inhaler as he needs it and in a few months take him back to a different doctor and see what they say, unless obviously it gets worse then we'll go back sooner.

It's been another big month for H as I've weaned him. I'm sure there's a lot of tutting at me now for not waiting till he was 6 months, but after 2 weeks of constant crying and wanting so much milk he kept throwing it up I decided it was time. And he's taken to it like a fish to water, the girls only had a spoon or two of baby rice for the first few days but H ate 10 spoons at his first taste and hasn't stopped since. He seems so much happier now that he has a full tummy. I'll probably do two weeks on an evening meal, then introduce breakfast and another two weeks and introduce lunch. I much prefer to make my own baby food, but this time I don't feel that I'm going to have as much time as I had with the girls so I've stocked up on jars and pouches for him. So far his favorites are Ella's Kitchen - Bananas bananas bananas and Hipp organic - Vegetables with rice & chicken. The girls are both really fussy eaters and I'm determined to give H as wider variety of food as possible in the hope that as he grows he'll be more willing to try new things, unlike his sisters who seem to live off the same 4 meals! 

After been stuck inside with chicken pox we were just starting to enjoy getting out and about again when we had a load of snow, S just had to have one day off nursery because I physically couldn't push the pushchair through the snow, we had lots of hot chocolate and snuggled up watching telly. It was nice having an unexpected relaxing day at home, but I didn't fancy doing it for long. The next day Mr went and bought some sledges for the girls to make getting out and about a bit easier, and life carried on as normal. I use to love the snow but now I dread it, as nice as it is to look at, all I want is to carry on with life as normal.

Thanks for reading
E x