Sunday, 26 August 2012

BabyDan gate to go reveiw

I wanted a gate to put on the front door as we have a step down onto concrete from it, we've not being able to have the door open since lotties been on the move. So after having a look around we decided that the BabyDan Gate to Go would be best and as its on offer in Argos for only £16.99 it was the perfect solution.
The reviews in the Argos website weren't very good saying that it wasnt very sterdy and hard to install, but I cant push it out of the door frame (and iv tried) and its so easy to install. If you want to use it alot in the same place that you want to go through lots I can see that it could get annoying but its not meant for permanent use, and at 5'7" I can step over it. The only downside to it that doesnt matter to me anyway is that it is quite heavy, so if you did want to take it on holiday abroad it would take up a fair bit of your luggage allowance.
Thanks for reading

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


The day after having my implant out last month i had bleed not sure if it was a period or just the effect of having the implant out, but last thursday i came on a proper period which means one thing WE CAN START TRYING TO CONCIEVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay finally this past month has felt so long, and although we didn't use protection once or twice we knew the chances we're so slim that we didn't worry about (although if we had become pregnant from it our due date would have been Lotties birthday, so glad we didn't lol). I am really nervouse about a few things, firstly that its going to take a long time, im so impatiant that i know that every month that my period comes is going to be heart breaking. i also think iv scared myself by reading into secondy infertility to much, the chances of it happening should be quite slim with me only being 20 but it can still happen. Another worry of mine is that that when i do get pregnant is that i have a really bad pregnancy and birth, after having such an easy time first time round. And also how im going to cope with a new baby and a toddler, i bearly moved of the sofa for the 1st month after lottie was born but it didnt matter because i only had the two of us to look after, so how will i cope being up all night then getting up and running round after lottie? i guess you just get on and and do it so many other people manage to do it, i just hope i can.

i dont want Lottie to feel left out or unloved because i want another baby so badly, or sound ungrateful that i already have one beautiful healthy child. to  me my family just doesnt feel complete and i wouldnt want Lottie to grow up on her own and not know what its like to have such a close friendship that only siblings have. And would hate for her to be spoilt. I also feel that she has alot of presure on her being the only grandchild on both sides bit especially L's, sometimes it feels like they treat her like shes a performing monkey.

Wish me luck!!!!
E xx

Friday, 10 August 2012

Good or bad news

On Thursday morning my boss said he wanted to have a word with me and instantly I thought im being sacked or made self employed! But after worrying all day what he was going to say he told me at the end of the day that iv got to have my hours cut down to 16 from 26. Well I didnt know whether to be happy or sad, because iv wanted to cut my hours down when came back from maternity leave, but we needed the money more so just had to get on with it. Now the choice has been made for me even though we're going to be absolutely broke im so happy I can be more of a stay at home mum like iv always wanted. And its given us the kick up the arse to clear all our debts with spare wedding money, so in theory now we should be better off anyway :) even though my boss said its only temporary till business picks up again I dont think I want to go back up to 26 hours! But we'll just have to wait and see how we get on. Thanks for reading xxelliexx

Terrible twos at 15months

Well its arrived the terrible age that iv been dreading since I found out I was pregnant. Lottie has started having temper tantrums! I really didn't think it would start for a few more months yet, but I think she just has similar personality to me, she knows what she wants and wont stop till she gets it. Im finding it so hard to know what to do, up untill now iv always been quite confident in what im doing with her, but disaplin wise I dont know how to go about it. So iv started just ignoring her, I'll put her safely on the floor (at home) and walk off till shes calmed down, then go over tell her why she was naughty/ explain that I understand why shes frustrated and then move on as quickly as possible distracting her with toys. Am I doing the right thing? Is this the best way with a 15month old? I really hope this phase passes quickly. Can anyone help?
Thanks for reading
E xxx