Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Our new little bundle

Well after keeping us waiting 9 extra days our little baby boy 'H' was born at 3.11pm on Friday 26th September weighing 8lb5oz, which after two 6lb babies seems massive to me. After a very long build up it was a very quick labour with only 5 minutes of pushing which I was very grateful for, but as I was having a home water birth the second midwife didn't make it in time, so was a little bit panicked but all worked out well in the end.  I will write my full birth story up, so please come back to read that and follow our story of 3 children under 4 years old.
E xxx

Sunday, 21 September 2014

25 to 33 weeks

Through one thing and another i'm afraid blogging took a back seat so I thought i'd have a quick catch up and hopefully get back into the swing of things.
25 weeks
E had her 12 month jabs this week, but they didn't have one of the vaccines in as the fridge they were kept in had broken, so we have to next week for one more. It upsets me so much to see her in pain and crying but I'd rather see her upset for a couple of minutes than have a serious illness that could last for weeks. 
26 weeks
Been feeling rundown again this week. I keep getting like this, my body feels alot weaker this pregnancy. The toll of two toddlers is getting to me now and everyday I seem to be waking up tired.
27 weeks
With the nice sunny mornings it seems to be waking the girls earlier and earlier, which when your not a morning person isn't a nice experience. They have a blackout blind and curtains but the light still seems to creep in their room And wake them by 6am.
28 weeks
I had the midwife this week which went really well i'm measuring a week bigger than I am, other than that everything was spot on. I'm being a case study for a student midwife which I'm pretty happy about as she'll be at all my appointments and will be the one who delivers him, under the watchful eye of a fully trained midwife.  Its put my mind at ease a bit as not knowing which midwife i'd get bothered me, I was lucky with E that I knew the midwife who delivered her but it was pure luck there's quite a few I don't know, so its nice to know that I'll be seeing a friendly face.
29 weeks
This week Mr was a Godfather to one of his best friends little boys, it was lovely christening but unfortunately we had to whiz of straight after the church to get the train to go holiday. The girls had gone the day before with my parents, so I was looking forward to a nice relaxing train journey, but it was so busy and I was disgusted how many people sat there and watched a 7 month pregnant lady stand for an hour on a scorching hot day that by the time we got there I was so tired and stressed that I never wanted to go on a train again.
30 weeks
Our holiday was amazing, we had such a nice time with my family, we stayed in a beautiful holiday house in Llandudno. It had everything we needed for 7 adults and 3 under 4s. Iv always loved North Wales, as it reminds me of family holidays as a child so having the chance to take my own was amazing. Taking them to all the places I remember and seeing how much they love them too has made me the happiest mummy ever. And great fun for me reliving my childhood.
31 weeks
The weather has been ridiculous this week far to hot for me even if I wasn't pregnant, we've constantly got the fan going and Windows open. And I try to avoid going outside if I can, I don't mind if i'm doing something or going somewhere but I can't stand sitting in the sun. Most people think i'm mad but i'm just a winter person.
I ordered my birth-pool this week and when it came we had a trial run with it, which was great fun the girls absolutely loved it, S thought it was a swimming pool and keeps asking to go back in it.
32 weeks
S has gone into the big room at nursery through the summer holidays to get her ready for her funded place in September, shes so excited about and tells everyone we meet about, I can't believe she's in the pre-school room shes growing up far to fast. I'm slightly nervous about September now, how on earth am I going to get 3 children and myself up and ready to leave for nursery at 8.30am 3days a week. Hopefully it will just become habit after a couple of weeks.
Tiredness has come back again, I seem to be alright for a while then it suddenly hits me like a brick wall and I feel horrendous and don't want to move off the sofa for a few days, hope its not here to stay now.
33 weeks
The pain in my ribs has started in exactly the same place I had it with E, its already getting unbearable, with a physical bruise appearing, it feels like i'm having my ribs slowly broken. I've blown my birthing ball up this week in the hope that it will help relieve some of the pain and also because i'm getting worried that he's breech so hoping that if he is then bouncing on the birthing ball and leaning over it might help him turn.

Thanks for reading x

40 weeks

40 and 41 Weeks 
Well surprise surprise I made it to my due date, I swing between being really impatient and thinking that he can wait a bit longer because I've still got loads of jobs to do. It was my birthday at 5 days overdue, in my head I thought he would arrive either on or before my birthday. After that I was so disappointed and feeling down and hormonal that I would just burst out crying every time someone even mentioned it or even if i saw adverts on telly about babies. I had a sweep at 6 days over that set tightenings off the next morning, they carried on for 48 hours before actual contractions started, 6 hours of real contractions later H quickly made his appearance and I fell in love for the 4th time.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

38 & 39weeks

38 weeks
Having a tough week again this week, I have a terrible trapped nerve in my back I think it might be sciatica as when iv been lay down for a while it sends shooting pains down my right leg that buckle it, its worst in the middle of the night (which is a great excuse for Mr to get up with the girls) and bizarrely is gone by the morning. Having disturbed nights is wearing me out again though and most days im falling asleep by 10am. Just hope he's not too late so all these symtoms will go.

39 weeks
I got very excited as my bump dropped bang on 39 weeks on Wednesday, so I got my hopes up thinking that he was only a matter of days away but he still hasn't made his appearance,  which is probably a good thing as two days before my due date I've started doubting our name choice, I think we'll still go back to the original one but I'm not 100% thay it goes with our surname. Its such a hard choice and something that you've got to live with the rest of yours and their life that it shouldn't be a rushed decision,  its really upsetting me and making me angry that we can't agree on a name that we both like. And with the birth being so imminent its so important that we get it right.
The other thing thats annoying me is all the people asking if I'v had any signs yet. With E it made me laugh when people asked me because it seemed to be bugging everyone else more than me. But this time with it being a much more tiring pregnancy with more ailments, I find myself getting really cross when people ask, I'm just glad that most have being by text so I've just ignored them.
Our first week of S being in nursery 3 days a week has started and being quite a challenge to be out the house on time I can't imagine what its going to be like with a newborn baby aswell!