Monday, 6 October 2014

36 & 37 weeks

36 weeks
This week I had my home pre-birth visit, which went really well, me and Peanut are both doing great and the midwives are happy for me to give birth at home. She left me with my home birth kit that contains everything for the midwives and two bottles of enthonox. Now i'vr got the definate go a head for a home i've ordered my birth pool liner. I've been putting it off as I didn't want to waste my money if they turned around and said I couldn't have a home birth. I've also ordered the crib sheets which were the last things on my list that I still needed to buy, its like a weights been lifted off my shoulders knowing that I've got everything he needs.
The nursery is so close to being finished that I can finally start getting excited about it, its lovely going and sitting in there at night I just cant believe that he's going to be here in the next 6 weeks!

37 Weeks
Yay I'm finally Full term, so feel free to come anytime little man I'm (near enough) ready for you!
The most fruststating thing at the minute is when people say "not long now" I just want to scream " I know" at them, and I'm just stating to get a few "no baby yet" or "any signs yet", I'm sure people must know how annoying and frustrationg it is to hear that especially people who have children themselves but they just cant seem to help themselves.
I've been in alot of pain this week and think I've got sciatica or a trapped nerve because if I get out of bed at night I get a shooting pain from my back down my right leg that makes it buckle underneath me with every step I take, in a way its nice because Mr now has has to do all the night wake ups with the girls but at 37 weeks pregnant I'm needing several toilet trips a night that now are impossible. Even with all the pains and tiredness I still don't want this pregnancy to end, I really do like the feeling of having a baby inside me and them being all mine I don't have to share them or pass them round for cuddles, I feel like I'm the only one that really knows them and the only one with a bond with them.
This week I'm starting to get abit nervous about the birth as I keep having flash backs to E's and remembering the pain I was in. But  there's only one way out so I'm just going to try and put it to the back of my mind and deal with when the time comes. To take my mind off it I've been trying to keep busy and with a little bit of help from my nesting instinct I've made lots of meals to freeze and washed all of the baby clothes and bedding. For the freezer I have made chicken and mushroom pies, shepherds pies, lasagne's and some mushroom soup, its not alot but I'm hoping that it will just save me cooking a few days especially when Mr goes back to work and I'm to tired to do anything.

34 & 35 weeks

34 weeks
I Feel like I've been hit by a bus I'm so tired, by 10am most days I'm dozing off to sleep in the chair while the girls play, I feel terrible but physically can't keep my eyes open, most days I doze on and off for 20 minutes and I have to force myself to get up and do something. The weather has cooled down a bit which has made my life a bit easier and a lot of the the swelling in my feet and ankles has eased up a bit now.
I had my 34 week midwife appointment on Monday, and everything was fine my worries about him been breech were put to ease when she reassured me that he's head down. I'm measuring a 2 weeks behind but they weren't concerned as the girls were both quite small, so I must just be following the same pattern and having another little baby again.
 35 weeks
E has hit the terrible twos early and if she doesn't get her own way the whole town knows about it. Mix that with S' s usual paddys and i'v been tearing my hair out, wondering how im going to cope with 3 children when I can't cope with 2. 
Peanuts nursery still isn't ready, i'm really starting to get stressed about it now. Its just been problem after problem with it, first half the plaster came off the wall when we took the wood-chip off, then for some bizarre reason the paint wouldn't stick to the ceiling, all the wallpaper I want Is out of stock and now we've started wallpapering we've realised that there's not one straight wall in there. So i've no idea what its going to look like when its finished could be a complete mess the way its going. Fingers crossed it works out in the end.

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