Monday, 30 July 2012

Nice weather finally

Whats that yellow thing in the sky I dont think I recognise it?! So finally we have some nice weather and finally my washing pile is going down. Only problem is that I cant stand the heat, it makes me so bad tempered that I spend most the day in the shade. Unfortunately I think Lottie takes after me as shes been so crabbie and takes hours to get off to sleep at night because shes to hot.

Oops forgot to post this wrote it a few days ago as you can tell as its been raining for the last 4 day.

Thanks for reading xxx

Monday, 16 July 2012

The month thats been

Cant believe iv not blogged in a month, had such a busy and eventful month iv just not found the time. Firstly iv come off my anti-depresants, which has been a big step for me, I think im doing ok and when I feel abit anxious I know that I need to take abit of time out and approach whatever it is thats making me, rather than just leaving it and hoping it sorts it self out.
Also had my contraceptive implant out last week so very excited now as we've decided to start trying at the end of August, so even if we're lucky and it happens straight away I wont be more than 13weeks at the wedding. Im so excited to be pregnant again I loved it so much last time. I just hope it happens quite quickly as im so impatient and dont think I could take the disappointment of finding out im not every month.
Lotties growing into a little girl more and more every day I dont know where my little baby has gone. We had to take the side off her cot bed the other week after we found her nearly climbing over the top of it, so now she just has a bed rail, its so strange looking at her asleep in it, she just looks so grown up. Her walking is really coming on now shes getting more and more confident, up until yesterday she was always abit cautious outside and would want to hold your hand, but yesterday when we went to the fair she just set of walking, I think she wanted to go to the children's train and knew that I was talking to a friend while our partners were on the ride, so there was no chance that I was gonna go for a walk round with her, so she wiggled out of my arms and trotted off, luckly she had her reins on so couldnt get far away. So we'd go about 20 meters and go back and start again. Now we're trying to help get her speech better as she still not got many recognisable words, but she can babble for England in her own little language.
Me and L had a week off two weeks ago which was lovely to spend time as a family. We didnt do alot, just went shopping out of town one day, and took Lottie to her first friends birthday party, where she had great fun, although I got text two days later saying one of the children there had come out in chicken pox, think we've escaped it this time although I did really want to get it over and done with early.
Thanks for reading