Tuesday, 30 April 2013

36 weeks pregnant

Its been a really busy week but we are now all ready for Pudding to arrive, I went and saw the midwife for my 36week check and everything is going well, Pudding is measuring exactly right for dates, my iron levels are slightly low so midwife wants me to just boost them up a little bit ready for birth, while there she arranged to come around on Monday for my pre birth visit and to drop off the home birth kit and gas & air.
 While she was round she answered all the questions we had and talked us though what would happen. She also prepped Mr on how to deliver if they don't make it in time. Having a home birth is going to be so different to my hospital birth with Lottie, I feel more like I'm going to be the one calling the shots, I can go where I want, eat and drink when I want, after Puddings born I can curl up in my own bed and have cuddles with both my children and I don't have to be left by myself overnight on a strange hospital ward. I just hope now that I won't end up in hospital being  induced if I go overdue.

My midwife has suggested that from 37weeks I start taking raspberry leaf tea to help prepare my body for labour, so I'm going to give it ago. I'v also read that evening primrose oil is also meant to be good but not sure if I should try it or not, as some people say that it can just give you false starts and end up giving yourself contractions for no reason, maybe if I go over and start getting desperate I'll give it ago.
I really wish that Pudding would engage so that my bump would drop, my ribs are physically bruised now and even lying down doesn't relive the pain any more. As much as I'm ready for Pudding to be born I also don't want to wish my pregnancy away and try to enjoy it as much as possible.
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Thursday, 25 April 2013

34 weeks pregnant

After 6 Weeks of not seeing the midwife I had a check up, everything's fine, Puddings head down but not engaged, which supposedly won't happen until labour with this being my second. I'm measuring a week bigger than I am  but the midwife didn't seem to concerned about it. Only two weeks until I see her next and I'll then hopefully find out a bit more about having a home birth as I still feel very clueless about it all. Been having a lot of pain in my ribs this week and keep getting stomach cramps and indigestion at night, which I luckily didn't have with Lottie.
Everything is ready for Pudding now I'v packed an emergency hospital bag just in case they put in an early arrival, picked out their first outfit and set up the moses basket, just need a baby for them now.
This week I'v also being for a bump photo shoot, which I was quite nervous about but had so much fun doing it, I didn't do one with Lottie or take many bump shots myself and really regret it now, it will be lovely to look back on , I think you soon forget just how big you were.I will post some photos when I'v got them.
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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

long time no blog -a catchup

We've been very busy since I  last blogged so going to do a quick catch up and hopefully from now on keep it more up to date. Our biggest news is that we're expecting baby no. 2 (Pudding) and due May 23rd.

4.5weeks - Monday 17th September 2012- Having done a pregnancy test on the Friday what I thought was 4 days before my period was due I was disappointed but not surprised to see only one blue line, as it was only our 1st month of TTC. I still have no idea why, while bathing Lottie on that Monday night, I felt the need to do another test I'd had no symptoms  and was sure that I wasn't, but as I was going to put it in the bin I noticed a very faint blue line. It took five days and 8 pregnancy tests to assure me that it was real. I think the thing that shocked me most was that it was only our first month of trying and I'd been preparing myself for at least 3. After finding out I put Lottie to bed as calmly as I could and went down stairs to  wait for Mr to come home from work. I put the test In an envelope and gave it when he walked through the door he guessed as soon as I handed it him, but we promised not to get excited (although we did) until the blue line was stronger.

10.4weeks - Sunday 28th October 2012- Had my booking appointment at home and although I was disappointed that I didn't have the same midwife that I had with Lottie, my new one is lovely and is brilliant at reassuring me that I'd be able to have a home birth and despite having a very quick labour with Lottie that a midwife would make it to me in time.

12.5weeks - Tuesday 13th November 2012- Our twelve week scan. Just as amazing as it was with Lotties, for me its the time when the pregnancy becomes real. I realised that this baby is going to be a lot more awkward than Lottie was, as the baby wouldn't get in the right position for the sonographer to see everything, but after a bit of jumping about and a walk around the waiting room pudding decided to get into the right position. Everything was fine and my due date was moved up by two days.

13.1weeks- Friday 16th November 2012-  Felt like a living nightmare, started out as a normal Friday morning got up, took Lottie to nursery and went to work, but after an hour I started to get a terrible cramping pain, after half an hour I felt like I needed to go home, but on the way to tell my boss I realised I was bleeding as well. In a panic with the help of some of the other staff I rang every phone number I had with me, the local midwife led unit (MLU) had been closed in the summer, so every person I rang told me I'd phoned the wrong place. Thankfully the people I worked with were amazing and took me straight to the local minor injuries unit where the MLU used to be and some midwives base them selves there, luckily when I arrived there was a midwife there picking up some paperwork, so she rang though to the hospital for me.   I was told to go home and wait for them to phone me to arrange an emergency scan. 5 hours later I finally got the call and was told to call them on the Sunday morning. The next 40 hours were a blur. We tried to prepare ourselves for worse but as I lay in bed on Saturday night I was sure I felt a flutter of a kick, but tried to dismiss it as my mind playing tricks on in, in hindsight I think it was Puddings way of letting me know they were okay. The next morning at the scan they found every thing was fine and as it should be, they think that I had a blood clot somewhere but couldn't figure out where it had come from as it should have shown up on my 12week scan.

15.2weeks- Saturday 1st December-  We did it. After two years and two months of  planning we tied the knot. It was a beautiful clear December afternoon, as the ceremony finished it was just going dark so the church lit up beautifully with candles and fairy lights. Everything went pretty much to plan I just can't believe how quickly the day went. When you get married every ones favourite question seems to be does it feel any different and for me the answer was most definitely NO! Other than a lot phone calls to make and copies of the marriage certificate to send off it feels no different for me, with us already living together and having Lottie we'd been living like a married couple for the past two years. It is nice having the same surname as Lottie now though and makes me feel like we're a proper little family. Our honeymoon was in Chester for 2 nights, which even though doesn't sound a lot for a honeymoon was plenty for us and we missed Lottie to much to have any longer away, although I think  she was having to much fun staying with Grandma and Grandad to notice that we'd gone.

20.5 weeks - Tuesday 8th January - 20week scan. Pudding behaved at this scan, and is doing brilliantly, looks like he/she is going to be similar to Lottie as the stomach was measuring about a week behind the rest of the body, so the sonographer wasn't worried about it. We have decided not to find out the sex again this time as we already have a lot of nutral things, and will be such a nice surprise when they're born.

21.6 weeks - Wednesday 16th January- Move house. after weeks of packing (its surprising how much crap you collect with children) we moved house.

23.1weeks- Friday 25th January-  Redundancy. As if I hadn't already just been though enough stress my boss decided to dump this on. I was been made redundant as of the next week. I honestly could not believe it, he only had to keep me on another 6weeks and I could of gone on maternity leave, luckily I was still entitled to maternity allowance, but I'd have go near enough 8weeks before I got my 1st payment. Unfortunately this means that I will have to find another job when Puddings only 6months old which for me still seems to young to send to nursery although I don't think I'm going to have a choice as there is no way we can survive on one wage.

29weeks - maternity leave officially starts. for the next 9 months we can stop worrying about money as my maternity allowance has started and get the 1st payment in two weeks time.

30.4 weeks Monday 18th march- Reduced fetal movements. Over the last few weeks I'd kept debating whether I should ring the maternity unit as I wouldn't feel Pudding kick for ages then just as I was about to ring they would give me a few kicks, so I'd decide against it. But this time I'd had enough of just assuming everything was okay and after not feeling any movement in 16 hours I rang up and was asked to come in for a CTG. Typically whilst having the CTG Pudding decided to kick me 37 times, I felt so stupid but at least it put my mind to rest and I could sleep better at night and not keep lying awake worrying.

I will be trying to keep the blog a lot more updated from now on, so please come and see how we get on with baby no. 2.
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