Friday, 13 February 2015


Is it just me that finds that Christmas completely messes with your routine? Well it's now the 13th February and I'm still not back to normal. So I've decided it's time to take action and we now have a very structured plan that's pinned to the fridge to help us stick to it. I've also drawn the the times on little clocks to try and help S start to understand time. 

I don't expect us to stick to the plan perfectly everyday, because some days we obviously have to go out and 3 days a week S has nursery, but hopefully it will just give the children enough of a routine that they will be more settled, better behaved and have a better nights sleep.
I have just about managed to keep our bedtime routine in tact over Christmas, but with 3 children having had chicken pox we have had a few nights where it's gone out of the window.

So here it is our new routine:
7 am Wake up and get dressed
7.30 am Breakfast time
8 am Brush teeth & hair. Hats, coats & gloves on if it a nursery day.
8.30am Telly time or play while mummy sorts the washing and does any other jobs that desperately need doing.
9.30 am Craft time - paint, draw, make or bake
10.30am Snack time
11am Educational play- practice writing with S or flash cards with letters or numbers. And practicing words with E.
12pm Lunch time
12.30pm Quiet time and reading
1pm E's nap time
2pm General playtime- a chance for them to choose what they play
2.30pm Outside play whatever the weather
3pm Snack time
3.30pm General play
5pm Dinner time
5.30pm Quiet time and reading
6pm Bath time, brush teeth, ready for bed, supper and bedtime story
7pm Bed time

Do you find having a routine helps your children?
E xx

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