Monday, 23 February 2015

What did I do all day before I had children?

Do you ever wonder how you always seemed to be so busy before you had children, but looking back you had so much free time that you just didn't use wisely? I really can't remember what took up so much of my time. There was always a massive washing pile and always washing up to be done that I never seemed to have time to do. Up until I was 20 weeks pregnant with S I worked 6/7 days every week, so I can sort of understand that I didn't have much time, although I had every evening free. But from 20 weeks I left one of my jobs so I only worked 2 days a week and the house was never spotless, I didn't do any of the jobs that I dream about doing now, like cleaning all the windows, pulling the sofas out every time I vacuum and cleaning the oven on a more regular basis. I didn't do anything crafty or make wonderful meals, if anything my meals were a hell of a lot worse and usually involved opening the freezer for some vile ready meal, something that I've not even bought for the past 3 years. I didn't read books any more than I do now and I didn't even know that blogs existed. I honestly cannot figure out what I did all day!
H has had a nasty cold the past week so is spending most evenings asleep on me again, as lovely as it is to have all these cuddles sitting looking at all the jobs that need doing is killing me, there's some crumbs under the coffee table that need sweeping up and the girls toy till needs putting away, I can see smeary finger prints on the telly and unit that desperately need cleaning. Don't get me wrong my house is far far far from spotless now but other that toys that are to big to put away been out on show the house is a hundred times cleaner than it was pre-children, there's always a washing pile but I now do at least one load a day and I still find time to make a homemade meal every night and on the few nights that I've either been to busy or we've been out I use meals that I've batched cooked and frozen myself instead of shop bought.
Maybe TV was better 4 years ago and that kept me stuck to the sofa all day! If I could turn back the clock the house would have looked liked a show home.
Has this been the case for you or was your house cleaner pre-children?
E xx

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