Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Month 9 as a mummy of 3

June 2015

June seems to have been just as manic and tiring as May, but it feels like there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel and as I write this as we're entering July life feels like it getting back on track.

E turned 2 at the start of June, and I really don't know where its gone, life's been so busy with buying the house, 2 job promotions and H coming along that since she was born it really has flown by. I often refer to E as my mini me not only because we have the same position in the family (we both have an older sister and a younger brother) but also her very determined personality and always wanting to know everything. 
We had a really laid back day, we were going to go swimming but she was so tired that she had a nap instead and we decided that we'd go in a week or two. My now big girl has also really surprised me and has given up her dummy. S was so easy when we got rid of hers, she cried at one nap time and never asked for it again. E has a completely different personality and I really didn't think that she would give them up, the 1st 4 days were really hard but after that and when she a got a present for being such a big girl it became a lot easier.

Mr had to do a week on nights which was tortuous for me. In theory it was going to work perfectly, he'd help put the littles to bed then have an hour to chill & get ready and go work at 9pm, finish at 7am and be home before 8, either spend an hour with us or help get us ready to leave if it was a nursery day, then sleep till 5/6pm eat dinner and repeat. In practice he didn't get home till late morning because of the amount of paperwork that he had to do, then was really grumpy when the noise of us running the bath woke him. Trying to keep us busy and out of the house was the hardest part. H had another abscess that week so he wasn't sleeping well, the girls seemed to have a bad week as well, I think they picked up on our stress. In a way I felt good that knowing that I could cope on my own and I've got a new respect for single mums, who have to do it on their own all the time.

Its been a bad month for my poor wee H, he has cut his first teeth, his top middle ones, and has had 2 more abscesses. the 1st abscess was when Mr was on nights, he went straight onto the strongest antibiotics which cleared it up nicely. It was helped along by the fact that he can now pull himself up to stand but cant get back down so he just plonks down on his bum which popped it, so with all the gunk out it cleared out quicker than normal. Having said that 4 days after stopping the antibiotics another one has appeared, in a different place this time. He was straight back on the antibiotics and have been told that if he has two more this year then we will be referred back to the surgeons at the children's hospital.

I finally have some news on S's school appeal. We received her appeal hearing date, which typically is while we are on holiday in July, but the letter stated that I don't need to attend if I don't want to as the school has indicated that they can accept all the children who have appealed as they have a enough spaces. I'm feeling so relieved about it all, i'm now hoping that when we get back of holiday there will be a nice official letter confirming it and that we can organise a visit to the school again and order her uniform. It's all becoming very real now that in just 2 months time my little baby will be starting big school.

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