Friday, 17 May 2013

The Name Game

For me, naming my children has felt like one of the biggest responsibilitys of being a parent, you are giving your child their identity and something that has to stay with them for life. So how do you make such an important decision? For us the names seem to have just come to    us and the names have been picked from pretty early on, except for our boys name this time which now at 39weeks pregnant we have decided we're not to sure about and are now desperately trying to find one we love. I also find that picking girls names alot easier as there are alot more pretty names.

With 'Scarlett Rose' the middle name was chosen first because it's mine and I wanted to pass something of mine onto her, because when she was born we weren't married so was having her Dad's surname. The only other contender for her was 'Maddie' but we felt that she would need a full name, my choice was 'Madison' and Mr's was 'Madeline' when we couldn't agree we had a look online and found 'Scarlett' it was perfect for us. It goes so well with 'Rose', it's pretty and feminine, and most importantly suits her. I also like names that can be shortened so 'Scarlett' became 'Lottie'.

If Lottie had been a boy she would have been called 'Finian Thomas' Which Mr had asked if we could use, as its a family name. Looking back I'm glad that we had a girl as I've really gone off 'Finian' now, I still like Thomas so we have decided to keep that as a middle name for him whatever we decide. 
I'm just desperately hoping we find a name that we like, I'd hate for them to be born as us have absolutely no clue what to call  him (thats if its a boy anyway) im really hoping its a girl now so I don't have to have the dilemma.
Hiw did you choose your childrens names?
E x 

Thursday, 16 May 2013

37 &38 weeks pregnant

As my due date gets closer I've been trying to make the most of being a mummy of one and  enjoy just spending time with Lottie, giving her my undivided attention because I know as soon as Pudding arrives its going to be impossible to give her this level of attention especially when I'm feeding Pudding. We've been swimming and to an indoor soft play centre because I think these are going to be the things that are going to be hardest with two little ones, even when there are two adults as neither of you can have a break for even a minute as you're each have a child to watch. I really hope it's not going to be as hard  as I'm imagining, although I suspect it will be.

Pudding seems to have dropped a little bit as my ribs aren't in as much pain, when I saw the midwife at 38+2 she said their head was just sitting on the brim, so it's already to engage and since then I do feel like my bump has dropped a little bit.
I've had a few twinges with period like pain and back ache but after an hour or so it all dies down again, hopefully it means everything is heading in the right direction direction though. I've started taking raspberry leaf tablets and drinking the tea, which should help prepare my uterus and cervix for labour and apparently will help make labour quicker and easier. Fingers crossed it works. Been eating pineapples and doing lots of bouncing on birthing ball but neither of these seems to be bringing on labour, as much as I try to start things early I do believe that Pudding won't come until they're good and ready, so I can see me having an induction at 42weeks, I think I've made them to comfy in there.

Did anything help get your labour started?
Thanks for reading E xx

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Happy second birthday Lottie

I really can't believe that 2 whole years have passed, everyday Lottie changes and I wish I could keep her just as she is for a bit longer. She's growing into such a strong minded little lady with her very own personality and always lets you know if she doesn't want to do something, but she is also the kindest and sweetest girl I have ever met,  always giving kisses and cuddles and hates seeing anyone sad. It makes my heart melt every time her toy doll cries and she runs over to cuddle it and gives it a bottle of milk. I know she's going to be an amazing big sister.

Over the next year I she's going to so much more, she'll be talking properly and be interested in so many more things, hopefully be potty trained and enjoying life as a big sister. This year I'm going to try to cherish every single second I have with her as it just goes to quickly.

Happy Birthday my beautiful little girl!