Friday, 20 December 2013

Back Track

The last six months have been so busy, exciting and stressful. To start with at the start of June we welcomed our second daughter 'E'  into the world, it was a nice, easy and relaxing homebirth. When 'E' was 6weeks old we began house hunting,  the 5th house we viewed was the 'one' a nice 3 bed with a garden and lovely veiws, the offer was excepted and then began the most stressful 10weeks of my life. People say that getting married, having a baby and buying a house are the three most stressful things you ever do, well weddings and babies are a walk in the park compared to buying a house. Eventually we got keys on the 12th October and began to decorate and move our things over before we moved in on the 22nd. We had been in a very fortunate position because in January we moved back in with my parents to save for the deposit. After two and a half years of renting our own place it was very odd been back home but at the same time it was brilliant having help on hand with a newborn and toddler.
Its been alot easier having two children than I thought it would of been, S has been really brilliant and hasn't really shown any sign of jealousy. At the minute E is wanting to play (chew) with anything she can get her hands on, so S is having to learn to share, which isnt going down too well, id like to think that this will get better over time but I think im being very optimistic!
When S was 26 1/2 months old we potty trained her, she made me so proud of her and within 2weeks was completely dry in the day and another 2weeks after that refused to wear a nappy at night and has been dry at night aswell. That about concludes my catch up, so heres to happy and healthy 2014!

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Busy, busy, busy

Well iv gone and done it again and been so busy with the kids and buying a house that iv not blogged.
I am now officially a stay at home mum and quite often feel like im not using my brain anymore so thought id try and do abit of blogging again.
Not going to give to much away in this post i'm going to do some 'back track' posts of every thing we've done in last few months.