Thursday, 26 February 2015

Month 3 as a mummy of 3

December is always a special month for us, as it's our wedding anniversary on the 1st, which Is a lovely way to start the month or it would have been if I hadn't forgotten to buy a card, and had to go dashing down to the shops at 9 am! This year I also decided to start a new tradition, a 'December box.' I filled it with some new books; activity books; Snowdog pens; chocolates; a magic Santa key; jigsaw and most importantly our "Elf on the shelf" Eddie although I didn't buy an official 'elf on the the shelf' because to be honest they're faces freak me out a bit. The girls loved him and really enjoyed hunting for him every morning, this is definitely a tradition we will be doing every year.

This year December has also been a special month as we got H Baptised. I really enjoyed myself as I was so much more relaxed and laid back about  than at the girls Christenings. I think because I've done it twice before I knew exactly what to expect. Everything went to plan the only thing that didn't was that it started to snow about 40 minutes into the party, so a few people who lived out of town had to go in case got worse and the roads were closed (this happens quite regularly through winter here).

My nephew turned one in the middle of December, It really upset me, I really don't know where the last year has gone. I wasn't even pregnant with H when I met my nephew for the 1st time. I remember holding him and being really broody and really wishing I could have another baby, but thinking that I can't because it wouldn't be practical. Little did I know that less than a month later I'd be getting a positive pregnancy test!

S's nursery concert went really well, she did great and really enjoyed herself. I felt a bit of a loner as Mr had to work with it being so near Christmas and all the other children seemed to have both of their parents there, she didn't seem to bothered that daddy wasn't there and had such a big smile on her face when she saw me sat in the audience. 
Nursery has had her so hyped up for Christmas, I love it as much as the next person but its been getting a bit to much, she's constantly bad tempered because shes so tired. I know this is just what happens but its our first proper year of it and i'm really surprised just how much it does effect them. Its like nursery treat them like a wind up toy, they keep winding the children up then let them go as the holidays start, so you're let with one over excited child!

This month we had lots of fun doing Christmas crafts; we painted baubles; made reindeer footprint pictures; made magic reindeer food and lots and lots of Christmas biscuits. It was a great way to pass a few days when it was too cold to go out. And they made nice cheap presents for people.

Keeping up with the tradition that we started last year, we went to see Santa on the 23rd, with my mum and this year my sister and nephew came with us. We go to a lovely one in a cavern, we were really impressed as well as it was the same one from last year, he has a lovely welsh accent, which for some reason makes him feel more authentic. 

Christmas was a bit of a blur as usual- after months of build up, a late night building toys and then overly excited children waking you at some unearthly hour, it seems to pass in a sleepy haze especially after that glass of bubbly with lunch. We spent most of the day with my family which I love as its just like being a child again and love seeing my children having the same wonderful Christmas's that I had. Last year we had Lunch at home that Mr made, it was nice but it's not Christmas without my mums Chrismas Dinner. Like every year I can't believe how kind and thoughtful some people are and all 3 of them were spoiled rotten, as a parent its one of the best things seeing your child's face light up as they open their presents. The only problem this year was that E decided that she couldn't be bothered to unwrap them as it looked to much like hard work so insisted that I unwrap them and she'd play with the toy.

Monday, 23 February 2015

What did I do all day before I had children?

Do you ever wonder how you always seemed to be so busy before you had children, but looking back you had so much free time that you just didn't use wisely? I really can't remember what took up so much of my time. There was always a massive washing pile and always washing up to be done that I never seemed to have time to do. Up until I was 20 weeks pregnant with S I worked 6/7 days every week, so I can sort of understand that I didn't have much time, although I had every evening free. But from 20 weeks I left one of my jobs so I only worked 2 days a week and the house was never spotless, I didn't do any of the jobs that I dream about doing now, like cleaning all the windows, pulling the sofas out every time I vacuum and cleaning the oven on a more regular basis. I didn't do anything crafty or make wonderful meals, if anything my meals were a hell of a lot worse and usually involved opening the freezer for some vile ready meal, something that I've not even bought for the past 3 years. I didn't read books any more than I do now and I didn't even know that blogs existed. I honestly cannot figure out what I did all day!
H has had a nasty cold the past week so is spending most evenings asleep on me again, as lovely as it is to have all these cuddles sitting looking at all the jobs that need doing is killing me, there's some crumbs under the coffee table that need sweeping up and the girls toy till needs putting away, I can see smeary finger prints on the telly and unit that desperately need cleaning. Don't get me wrong my house is far far far from spotless now but other that toys that are to big to put away been out on show the house is a hundred times cleaner than it was pre-children, there's always a washing pile but I now do at least one load a day and I still find time to make a homemade meal every night and on the few nights that I've either been to busy or we've been out I use meals that I've batched cooked and frozen myself instead of shop bought.
Maybe TV was better 4 years ago and that kept me stuck to the sofa all day! If I could turn back the clock the house would have looked liked a show home.
Has this been the case for you or was your house cleaner pre-children?
E xx

Friday, 13 February 2015


Is it just me that finds that Christmas completely messes with your routine? Well it's now the 13th February and I'm still not back to normal. So I've decided it's time to take action and we now have a very structured plan that's pinned to the fridge to help us stick to it. I've also drawn the the times on little clocks to try and help S start to understand time. 

I don't expect us to stick to the plan perfectly everyday, because some days we obviously have to go out and 3 days a week S has nursery, but hopefully it will just give the children enough of a routine that they will be more settled, better behaved and have a better nights sleep.
I have just about managed to keep our bedtime routine in tact over Christmas, but with 3 children having had chicken pox we have had a few nights where it's gone out of the window.

So here it is our new routine:
7 am Wake up and get dressed
7.30 am Breakfast time
8 am Brush teeth & hair. Hats, coats & gloves on if it a nursery day.
8.30am Telly time or play while mummy sorts the washing and does any other jobs that desperately need doing.
9.30 am Craft time - paint, draw, make or bake
10.30am Snack time
11am Educational play- practice writing with S or flash cards with letters or numbers. And practicing words with E.
12pm Lunch time
12.30pm Quiet time and reading
1pm E's nap time
2pm General playtime- a chance for them to choose what they play
2.30pm Outside play whatever the weather
3pm Snack time
3.30pm General play
5pm Dinner time
5.30pm Quiet time and reading
6pm Bath time, brush teeth, ready for bed, supper and bedtime story
7pm Bed time

Do you find having a routine helps your children?
E xx