Thursday, 5 June 2014

23 & 24 weeks

23 weeks 
Been a bit of a mixed week this week some glorious hot days and some cold wet ones. We had a lovely picnic in the park with my mum, it was the type that you dream about all winter, it really was perfect. S has decided that she loves playing football and spends all day everyday pestering to go to the park to play, luckily there's a football pitch a couple of minuets walk from our house so if its not raining we go, but i'v discovered that at 6 months pregnant playing football isn't a great idea and i'v managed to pull loads of muscles doing it. 
I'v found my new favorite hobby, crochet. I love sewing but now my sewing machines not permanently set up, as my sewing room is in the process of been turned into a nursery, it seems such an effort to set it up and pack it away so the girls don't mess with it the next morning. I'm a very slow knitter so get bored before i'v finished anything, that's why crochet appealed to me so much, the only equipment you need is a hook and it builds up really quickly. In a matter of two hours i'd already made a square and i'm hoping to build it up to a blanket before Peanut arrives. 
I'v never experienced heartburn in pregnancy before, but this week its been in full force and has got quite unbearable. If the old wives tales are righ and heart burn means your having a hairy baby then i'm having a gorilla!! Both the girls especially E had head fulls of hair, but I never had heartburn once with either of them. It's making me so impatient to meet him now i'm so curious to what he looks like. Will he look like his sisters? Have hair or be bald? Have fair hair like S or dark hair like E?  

24 weeks
What a busy week! E is now properly walking so we've been to get her her first pair of shoes, I always get 'proper' shoes from Clarks as I feel they do the best job of measuring and making sure that they have the right shoes for they're feet, I tend to buy trainers, wellies and sandles from elsewhere but I like the girls to have a good pair of shoes especially while they're young. Clarks have such nice designs as well there's something for every taste. They last so well that even though they are a bit more expensive they last a lot longer than cheaper high street stores.
I'v become a godmother for the first time to my nephew which was lovely, it was a gorgeous day and the girls looked adorable in their matching dresses and were so well behaved I couldn't believe that they were my children. The only bad point of the day was when my next door neighbor rang to tell me that our fire alarm was going off, Mr raced home to find that luckily it was a false alarm. It scared me so much at how easily our home could of been ruined and precious memories lost.
My happiest (and scariest) news of the week is that E turned 1 on Monday. The past year has really flown by, I really can't believe that my littlest girl is one. We had a lovely day and were even treated to a lie in until 7. We spent the morning at the soft play centre, frantically making her cake in the afternoon while she napped, then went to my parents for a buffet. So although a little manic we had a great day. 
24 weeks is a milestone I love passing as it means that should the worst happen and Peanut either decides or has to come early, the medical teams will try their best to resuscitate and save him. Its not a nice thing to think about but nice to know that he at least stands a chance. 
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Elly x