Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Month 2 as a mummy of 3

This month has definitely had its ups and downs, it started off in October half term when we went straight from a chest infection to a stomach bug on Halloween. I was so upset the girls didn't even get to wear their costumes. I'm glad that they were too young to know that they had missed out on it. I'd had such an action packed week planned with them, with lots of crafts and fun activities for them to do, but they'll just have to wait until next year.

When we were finally all better Me and Mr went shopping for some new clothes for me with my birthday money, that I had saved from September, but typically I spent most of my money on Christmas presents and clothes and treats for the kids. And then I spend half my life complaining that I have no nice clothes that fit me, but some how children's clothes and toys look so much more appealing.

Me and H had our 6 week check, which went great, he's putting loads of weight on, now weighing in at a hefty 11lb 8oz. I still can't get over how big he is compared to the girls, I almost feel like I've missed the newborn stage. But I'm just glad that he's healthy. The Health Visitor came to our house on the Monday to do weight, height etc. And then we went to the doctor on the Tuesday for the physical exam. H had a few tiny spots on his private parts which I'd assumed were a little bit of nappy rash, But my Health Visitor was positive it was thrush and made sure she wrote a big note about it for the Doctor, sure enough mother knew best and it was nappy rash, I know its better to be safe but sometimes I feel like they just like to make you feel like a bad parent for not thinking it might be serious and taking them to the doctor, but I'd have wasted his time anyway.

As soon as S went back to nursery after the October half term they have been leaning the songs for the Christmas concert. Now don't get me wrong Christmas is my favorite time of year, I love everything about it, I start thinking about the next Christmas on boxing day, but my patience is already starting to wear thin with songs that I've never heard before and bless her she only knows half the words and gets frustrated that she can't remember the rest. I know she'll be amazing in the concert and will love every minute of it, i just wish they would of waited a few ore weeks before starting or at least send a song sheet home.

It's been a very tough few weeks and after 7 weeks of it I was at my wits end, always someone crying or needing something, E and S fighting over stupid things, the never ending jobs that are messed up as soon as you do them, the hundreds of nappies that need changing and the sheer tiredness of it all. So after me breaking down in tears to Mr, on his day off I was sent off to the shops with just H who slept the entire time, to get some fresh air and time to myself. It was a great chance to reflect on everything and by the time I'd done I was missing the girls and ready to go back to the mad house. I need to learn to take a break before it gets too much, Mr keeps joking that I'm going to give myself a heart attack because I get so stressed trying to leave the house on time.

I would love any tips on how to stay sane.....


Sunday, 25 January 2015

First month as a mummy of 3

Week 1

We had a great first night with H, he settled himself in his Moses basket and slept loads, the girls spent the night at my parents so we could concentrate on getting to grips with feeding especially since we were told after he was born that he was tongue tied. It was great to have some time alone with him to bond.
This time I decided that instead of rushing around and going out straight away that I would rest at home and try and keep visitors away for a few days. I've felt a lot better in myself for it, after having E I had terrible "after pains" 4 or 5 times a day some lasting nearly an hour and were so painful I would debate ringing A&E, this time I've had one after pain that wasn't as bad as I remember them being and generally my whole body has recovered quicker.
Nursery runs are pretty hard luckily I've got Mr to help and some days he takes S on his own which is much better, I'm so worried about how I'm going to do it on my own.
On Tuesday (4 days old) I finally felt up to going out, so just after Lunch we started to get ready but all 3 of them started to play up. Both girls started having paddys over silly things like which shoes they were wearing and H filling his nappy twice and getting hungry.  Mix that with Mr getting stressed because he couldn't figure the pushchair out we ended up staying at home everyone having a nap, then we started again and went for a little walk down to my mums for a brew. So we made it out in the end just 2 hours after we intended to leave. 
On Wednesday my student midwife came to do the usual checkups, he lost 5% of his birthweight and they allow up to 10% so that was fab. She checked his feeding and we're doing great with that aswell so I'm feeling really pleased with myself this week.

Week 2 

On day 10 came a really sad day for me, saying goodbye to my wonderful midwives. I really wish you could have midwife care longer before being passed onto the health visitors, Midwives know all your history and know you personally mine saw me through 3 pregnancies, delivered two of my babies and looked after me postnatally for all 3. My health visitor on the other hand has changed for each baby and I've never really taken to any of them I've and have always felt very judged by them and always feel like I'm treading on eggshells with what I say and if I say the wrong thing I'm going to get told off like a child at school. As silly as that sounds In my experience its how I've been made to feel, I really hope that I've just been unlucky and there are some lovely health visitors out there.
This week we also braved our first shopping trip to the local shops, I was pleasantly surprised by how well it went. H pretty much slept through it, E was really we behaved and happily stayed in the pushchair and S stayed close and walked nicely just with the odd blip because she wanted to go on the buggy board that unfortunately doesn't fit on my iCandy Pear when its in double mode. All in all it was a success, the next step is going to be doing it on my own!
E seems to have suddenly grown up she can now point to the correct body part when asked and now says please and tries to say S's name it really does only seem 5 minutes since she was H's size.
This week H has become a real person when we registered him, I'm hoping the doubt about his name will get,  I think it's just as everyone's said it goes with the surname but he's a HH so I wasn't  100% about it, I love his 1st name but I dislike my married  surname.

Week 3

Mr started back at work after his 2 weeks paternity leave, it's  been a hard week I wasn't ready for him to go back, the thought of being on my own was so daunting. But I found the best trick is to split the day into sections, get to lunchtime, then till 2, then till 4 when I start making tea, then till bath time at 6, then it's just bedtime and RELAX! I never know what shift Mr's going to work so some days he's home till late morning and works late, others days he leaves the house before we wake up and is back in time for tea. It's hard with it being like that and I wish he had a job with a regular shift pattern, but I'm grateful he has a job that can support me being a stay at home mum.

Week 4

This week has been incredibly hard we've all had colds and just generally felt rubbish and I've really not felt like doing anything at all, the washing pile has built up and up and  the house is an absolute mess. It's surprising how mush washing we make, I'm optimistically hoping that I'll get into a really good routine of doing it, and it won't seem as bad. 
The nursery run is still hard getting 3 children and myself up and out of the house by 8.30 is tough, but the girls know the routine and we've not been late so far.
I'm making the most of H sleeping a lot and when S is at nursery spending as much quality time as I can with E. I'm really concerned that she's going to feel left out 
It was my local NCT(national childbirth trust) sale this week . I love going there's  always amazing bargains and it's nice to spend some time with my Mum and sister. I also sold at this sale which is a great way to have a clear out, and unlike a car boot or table top sale they take all the stress out of it, you label your items up in your own time at home, drop them off and them pick up any unsold items after the sale,  then just sit back and wait for your cheque in the post. 

  E xxx

Thursday, 22 January 2015


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